Sailing and Mountain biking across the Arctic Circle.

Iceland is becoming a mecca for mountain bike enthusiasts by virtue of its beautiful terrains, views that go on forever and trails that range from beginner to advanced and suit all riding abilities. We offer now a unique sail and bike adventures, fjord/island hopping and biking in North Iceland including biking across the Arctic Circle. Full accommodations on board the Yacht Vera, sailing through fjords and visiting islands including Grimsey where you can bike across the Arctic Circle.

Four days biking and four night on board the yacht Vera plus one day of road travel Reykjavík Siglufjörður Reykjavík, total 5 days.

Once the winter snow disappears, the renewed Icelandic landscape unveils a wide network of tremendous mountain bike trails. Bikers of all experience levels enjoy amazing rides. If you love to pedal there are hundreds of kilometers of mountain tracks to explore around the north Iceland’s Tröllaskagi and surroundings.

We have discovered perfect rides on Trollaskagi (e. Troll peninsula) and surroundings in north Iceland. We start from Siglufjörður and ride the surrounding mountains. We will bike on the mountains east of Eyjafjörður, through the deserted fjord Fjörður. A very interesting ride will take place on Grimsey island, 30 miles to the north off the coast of Iceland’s mainland, Grimsey is located on the Arctic Circle and you bike across the circle. This adventure will end in Siglufjörður where it started. The yacht Vera will be your base where you will rest and load the batteries, the sailing part will be fun as well. This voyage will include an interesting stop at Árskógsandur for a visit to the microbrewery Kaldi and their spa offering a unique bear bath in special tubs.   

Our car service will pick you up in Reykjavik at 2 pm, and head for Siglufjörður, a four hours’ drive from Reykjavík. We arrive in Siglufjörður at around 6 pm, and board the yacht Vera. Dinner on board and relaxed evening. In the morning of day five our car will take you back to Reykjavík. This is about for hour drive through beautiful landscape, arriving in Reykjavík in the early afternoon.

This is a unique mountain biking and sailing experience, we have everything you need to start your adventure on two wheels. You bring your own bike.

Itinerary 2022 | 2.900 €

5 July – 4 days. 8 Berths available

9 July4 days. 8 Berths available

13 July4 days. 8 Berths available

Itinerary 2023 | 2.900 €

5 July4 days. 8 Berths available

9 July4 days. 8 Berths available

13 July4 days. 8 Berths available

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