North Iceland, Siglufjörður, Grímsey, Húsavík and Akureyri

Midnight sun in North Iceland, Siglufjörður, Grímsey, Húsavík and Akureyri.

A Pearl on the Arctic Circle North of Iceland

We will depart from Siglufjörður a town of about 1,300 people, located in North-Iceland and the northernmost town of the mainland. Along with its natural beauty, it is a cultural hub, with the Herring Era Museum and Folk Music Festival. We head to Grímsey, an island about 30 miles to the north east, a home to one hundred people, mostly anglers and their families – and one million seabirds. The island with its blue cliffs, surrounded by the wide Arctic Ocean is only about five square kilometres in size. Here the sun does not set in the summer and the winter nights are very long.

From Grímsey we head to the town of Húsavík, located onthe eastern shore of Skjálfandaflóa (Trembling Bay), and known as the Whale Capital of Iceland. This is also the area where one of the first settlers of Iceland the Viking Garðar Svavarsson settled down in the year 860. Húsavík is conveniently located for day trips to most of the major attractions in Iceland and the starting point of the Diamond Circle.


From Húsavík we set sails for Akureyri, the capital of North-Iceland. The town is located in Eyjafjörður fjord, surrounded by snow-capped mountains during wintertime and blessed with sunshine and considerably warm climate during summertime.

Akureyri is interesting enough to spend a day or two walking around in different parts of town. In the center, you will find interesting galleries, shops and restaurants. The Akureyri Church sits on a hill above the center and not far from there is The Akureyri Botanical Garden, founded in 1912 and containing nearly every plant found in Iceland. Walking south from the botanical garden you will enter the oldest part of Akureyri, including the famous Nonnahús Museum.

Jumping Humpback

Day 1, Welcome to Iceland!

Our car service will pick you up in Reykjavik at 2 pm, and head for Siglufjörður, a four hours’ drive from Reykjavík. We arrive in Siglufjörður at around 6 pm, and board the yacht Vera. Dinner on board and relaxed evening. 

Day 2, Siglufjörður – Grímsey

We depart Siglufjörður at 9 am and head northeast to the island Grímsey. This is where you cross the Arctic Circle, a bucket list item for many. We arrive at around 2 am and circumnavigate the island, followed by berthing and hiking the island. The sun will not set in late June; the midnight sun will be unforgettable in favourable weather conditions.

Puffins in Grimsey.

Day 3, Grímsey – Húsavík

We depart from Grímsey at noon and head for Húsavík, sailing through Skjálfandaflói filled with wildlife, including puffins and whales, and passing the island of Flatey with a summer population of only a number of inhabitants. Arriving in Húsavík at around 5 pm.  

Day 4-5, Húsavík, Goðafoss, Mývatn and Dettifoss

The car will be ready for you at 9 am to take you to the famous waterfall “Goðafoss” and the beautiful Lake Mývatn followed by a visit to the magnificent waterfall Dettifoss. This is a whole day of sightseeing you do not want to miss. Boarding Vera in the evening for dinner. 

Dettifoss the most powerful waterfall in Europe

Day 6, Hrísey

We leave Húsavík at 8 am, heading to the island Hrísey Island with a population of around 100 inhabitants. There we spend the afternoon hiking the beautiful island and viewing the wildlife. 

 Day 7, Akureyri

Departure from Hrísey at 9 am and we head to Akureyri and spend the day walking around this beautiful town.

Day 8, Reykjavik.

Our car will take you back to Reykjavík. This is about five hour drive through beautiful landscape, arriving in Reykjavík in the early afternoon.



  • Transportation from Reykjavík to Siglufjörður and from Akureyri to Reykjavík.
  • Sightseeing tour from Húsavík to Goðafoss, Mývatn and Dettifoss
  • Accommodation in made up double cabins (bunks), all en-suite with showers.
  • All meals on board the yacht.

Not Included

  • Airfare to and from Iceland.
  • Individual insurance.
  • Excess baggage charges.
  • Charges or items of personal nature.
  • Alcoholic beverages (available for extra charge).

Itinerary 2021 | 4 days 3.900 € Per Person. 6 days 4.900 € Per person. 8 days. 5.900 € Per Person.

10 June 2021 – 4 days. 8 berths available

16 June 2021 – 8 days. Summer solstice – 6 berths available

25 June – 6 days. 8 berths available

2 July – 6 days. 8 berths available

9 July – 4 days. 8 berths available

14 July – 4 days. 8 berths available

19 July – 6 days. 8 berths available

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