Customised Expedition

Create your own expedition, a true adventure in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scotland, or East Greenland. Our small luxury yacht embarks on thrilling adventures, cruising to destinations where larger ships cannot always go.


Cruising in your favorites part of spectacular Iceland or a circumnavigation; you make your own customized itinerary. You plan the private tours so that you do not miss out on any of the beautiful places. The yacht can be your home during the expedition offering a pleasant stay and delicate meals. You can experience the beauty of fjords, waterfalls, bird cliffs, wetlands, highlands, geothermal power, lava fields, lakes, and glaciers. You can experience the local culture and the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.


East Greenland

Many people who have travelled the world are certain that East Greenland is the most beautiful place on earth; few places are as remote and pristine. The word “Tunu” translates into “backside” and is used by Greenlanders to describe East- Greenland. The 1.500 nautical miles (2.700 km) stretch of the east coast includes the world’s largest national park and three bays with a total of 3.500 inhabitants and a very limited flow of visitors. Untouched and unspoiled, East Greenland is spectacular, rough and remote. It is the perfect place for real yachting adventure for those who love to experience unspoiled nature. Eastern Greenland will impress you with enormous glaciers, the continental ice as well as the rugged and steep terrain which comprises the deep fjords.

South Greenland

South Greenland is often referred to as the ‘Garden of Greenland, with beautiful fjords and colourful valleys offering amazing hiking experiences for the active explorer. The landscape is a stunning myriad of mountain peaks, glaciers, and deep fjords. Erik the Red (Icelandic Eiríkur Rauði) founder of the settlement of Greenland first landed here in 985. Erik the Red was the father of Leif Eiríksson the first explorer of North America. Erik the Red left Iceland after being exiled after killing his fellow farmer, he rounded the southern tip of Greenland and settled on an island at the mouth of Eriksfjörð (now known as Tunulliarfik Fjord) near Qaqortoq (formerly Julianehåb). From there they explored the west and north for two years. Erik chose the inner area of Eriksfjord for his settlement which he called Brattahlid (“Steep Slope”) now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He named the country Greenland in the belief that a good name would attract settlers.


Tthe breathtaking Scottish Hebrides Islands, British Isles and beyond, the majestic Caledonian Canal, Great Glen and Western Seaboard. Whichever way you choose to sail with us, we can provide wide selection of itineraries to thrill and inspire. A sensational sea-going combination of luxury, adventure, and breathtaking encounters with wildlife. Explore far-flung destinations such as St Kilda, Mingulay, the Monachs, the Shiants, calling in at stunning locations such as Barra, Vatersay, the Uists, Lewis, and Harris. Or simply island-hop the idyllic inner Hebridean islands of Mull, Iona, Skye, Eigg, Muck, Rum, and Canna.

Faroe Islands

Located about halfway between Norway and Iceland. The rocky volcanic archipelago that comprises the Faroe Islands has incredible coasts with large cliffs featuring amazing views and massive bird colonies that include puffins. Experience the legacy of the Vikings amid the turf-roofed cottages and distinctive coastal villages. Best visited during the summer, consider cruising the Faroe Islands on a small yacht to be able to access smaller beaches, reefs, and coves. The capital in the Faroe Islands lies in the heart of the island group and is a delight to explore. Tórshavn is named after Tór, the god of weather, strength, and growth in Norse mythology. This far-flung Nordic city is home to just over 20.000 inhabitants. Despite the tiny population, Tórshavn is an appealing spot in the North Atlantic Ocean with plentiful culture, nature, and excellent food.