Guest reviews

RAX takes a skinny dip in Scoresbysund

Ragnar Axelsson (RAX)

Scoresbysund is a world of adventure that is like nothing else in the world. It creates memories that will never be forgotten. The world will not be the same after navigating around the fjord, it is like being on another planet giving you a new vision of life on Earth.

Eva enjoying life in the arctic

Eva Björk Guðjónsdóttir

Sailing in Scoresbysund is truly a breathtaking experience. All the time you are having “wow” experience. It’s is like staying in a postcard. And also, no TV, no email and even no phone calls, truly relaxing all the way. Besides the nature we got lucky and saw two polar bears, some muskoxen, seals and narwhales. What a great bonus. Vera yacht was great. When you first see it you think it is rather small but indeed it is quite big. At least all 11 people onboard were comfortable and after staying together for a week we all became good friends. The crew was amazing and you always felt secured and relaxed. The food was great and it was a pleasure to wake up all mornings to the smell of freshly baked bread. This was my second sail around Scoresbysund and I would definitely go again, how can you not fall in love with this place. And I would recommend Vera Expeditions to all my friends without a doubt. Thank you for this unforgettable week.

Gudmundur takes active part in daily activities

Gudmundur Hilmarsson

Awesome trip on a luxury sailboat in Scoresby Sound with excellent crew. The landscape and icebergs are incredibly beautiful and to see polar bears, musk ox and whales this close was very interesting experience. Food was very good and I really enjoyed the company of everyone. Thank you all for very enjoyable and fun times.

Mekkinó at the helm

Mekkinó Björnsson

The adventure trip on Vera around Scoresbysund was an experience of a lifetime – absolutely awesome

Óskar Páll on the look out

Óskar Páll Sveinsson

Sailing on the Vera in Scoresbysund was a dream come true for me. As a cinematographer I could not believe the diversity and beauty around every corner in this magical fjord. The accommodation and the crew on Vera are top class, well above anything else I’ve seen in Greenland. I highly recommend this trip.

Steven captures the scenery

Steven David Walton

Nothing could prepare me for the true unspoiled wilderness that is Greenland. No roads, no waste floating in the water, no power lines, no Wi-Fi, no signs of humanity aside from a few hunters and maybe another sailboat, both of which were fleeting as most of the time we were completely alone on the water. Our first morning we saw two polar bears from maybe 200m and the following days narwhale, seals, muskoxen, and a handful on different arctic birds. My favourite times were sailing through ice fields next to icebergs larger than apartment buildings and then taking some short hikes over untouched granite to get a better look at vibrant colors of the native plants. As my first time on a sailboat I found that the smaller quarters were no problem for me, I very much enjoyed the meals, and more than that the gentle rock of the boat was quite comforting as it lulled me to sleep each night. The crew spoke fluent English and always made me feel in safe hands and at ease.