Safety on Board

Sailing Adventure

We Always Put Safety First

The safety of the passengers and crew is our highest priority and we do everything possible to create a safe voyage for everyone onboard. We work systematically to identify potential risk situations and thereby prevent accidents. Our goal is to continuously improve the security.

The yacht’s captain is principally responsible for security on board; each crewmember has their own carefully practiced task in case something should happen. The crew has emergency training including; fire, evacuation, life raft, medical care, “man overboard”, leakage, and helicopter rescue. Participation in the regular security drills is obligatory for all crewmembers, and each participant is registered.

Possible Fire on Board

For detecting any fire as soon as possible the yacht has a fire control system with detectors e.g. in the cabins an fire hydrants are located in different parts of the yacht. In addition, there are fixed extinguisher systems, e.g. in the engine room and galley.

There are Lifejackets for Everyone

There are more lifejackets on board than the maximum number of passengers and crew allowed. The lifejackets meet all the standards specified by the maritime authorities. They are stored in the immediate vicinity of the passengers. There are also lifejackets for children. The crew will distribute the lifejackets.

Life Rafts

In case of evacuation, passengers will come to their assembly station where the life rafts will be launched. Life rafts contain all the necessary equipment: water, paddles, lighting devices, emergency flares, and first aid equipment.

Adapting to the Prevailing Weather Conditions

Weather and wind affect our yacht to some extent. To ensure that you and your fellow passengers will be safe and comfortable, we adapt our routes and speeds to the prevailing weather conditions. The safety of the yacht, passengers and crew is more important than our timetable. In case of rough weather, delays may occur and the captain may make changes to the itinerary. We are not responsible for any refunds because of delays or changes of itinerary due to weather or emergency.