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Greenland – Tasiilaq

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Many people who have travelled the world are certain that East Greenland is the most beautiful place on earth; few places are as remote and pristine. The word “Tunu” translates into “backside” and is used by Greenlanders to describe East- Greenland. The 1.500 nautical miles (2.700 km) stretch of the east coast includes the world’s largest national park and three bays with a total of 3.500 inhabitants and a very limited flow of visitors. Untouched and unspoiled, East Greenland is spectacular, rough and remote. It is the perfect place for real yachting adventure for those who love to experience unspoiled nature. Eastern Greenland will impress you with enormous glaciers, the continental ice as well as the rugged and steep terrain which comprises the deep fjords.



East-Greenland has five settlements and two towns; Tasiilaq and Ittoqqortoomiit (Scoresbysund), Tasiilaq is the larger one with approx. 2.000 inhabitants, of which only 250 live in Scoresbysund. The remaining inhabitants spread out on the five settlements in the following way: Kulusuk (320 inhabitants), Kuummiut (400 inhabitants), Tiilerilaaq (150 inhabitants), Isortoq (70 inhabitants), Sermiligaaq (220 inhabitants).


Tasiilaq is the principal town of East Greenland

Tasiilaq is the principal town of Eastern Greenland,  surrounded by pointy mountains towering into the sky. You will really notice how far away you are from the rest of the world when you travel around Eastern Greenland. The region has its own unique culture, and the language also differs from that spoken on the west coast.


The town of Tasiilaq

The town of Tasiilaq itself only has about 2,000 citizens. The town is one of the most beautifully situated settlements in Greenland.

The town is surrounded by tremendous mountain peaks, they are the first thing you will see when arriving from the sea; the view of the peaks of Polheim’s Mountain, the Priest Mountain, the Pyramid and the Sailor Mountain.

The harbour is always lively – just like you will see in other towns. The protected harbour from the elements, the drift ice, ships are only able to enter in late July through August/September.

Tasiilaq was founded by Danish explorers in 1894 and they called it Ammassalik. The locals living in the area continued to call it Tasiilaq. The town was formally renamed Tasiilaq a few years ago. The municipality is still called Angmassalik Kummunia.

The town is small enough to get around it on foot, you will need to get up and down lots of hills on which the town is built on. There are a few settlements nearby, including Kummiut, Isortoq and Semiligáq.

East-Greenland is a hiking paradise and great for those who like alpine climbing and kayaking.

This adventure starts with a flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk where you board Vera, The itinerary depends on the weather conditions, it will include visiting Tasiilaq town, may include the big Sermilik ice-fjord, cruising the channels between Tiniteqilaaq, Kummiut, Sermiligaaq and Semiligáq and exploring Bluie East Two, the abandoned military base from World War II. We will visit the village of Kulusuk and explore the surroundings. This adventure will include hiking for those who are interested, others will enjoy the landscape from the yacht.

Please be aware of the schedule may change due to ice and weather conditions.


  • International flight Reykjavík – Kulusuk – Reykjavík.
  • Transport between the airport and the Yacht in Kulusuk
  • Accommodation is made up of double cabins (bunks), all en-suite with showers.
  • All meals on board the yacht.

Not Included

  • Airfare to and from Iceland.
  • Individual insurance.
  • Excess baggage charges.
  • Charges or items of personal nature.
  • Alcoholic beverages (available for an extra charge)