The Crew


Captain Þorkell is a co-founder and the Managing Director of Vera Expeditions, an MBA and a former consultant and corporate executive. He started his carrier in the shipbuilding business, earning a shipbuilding master’s degree. Sailing has been his passion from a young age. Þorkell holds a Master Captain’s License with passenger endorsements from the Icelandic Transport Authority. His License, decades of cruising experience, his Yachtmaster offshore training and his passion for sailing in the harsh Arctic, make him our designated captain. He established Vera Expeditions, an alternative travel concept offering a personalized experience so that you can enjoy the adventures, exactly like our Captain does. Together you will discover the luxury of simplicity and experience the life of an explorer.



Ólafur is a co-founder and the chairman of Vera Expeditions, an MBA and graphic designer, owner of the advertising agency Dynamo Reykjavik.  Ólafur holds a Master Captain’s License with passenger endorsements from the Icelandic Transport Authority, his passion for sailing and the arctic makes his summers on Vera a dream come through, he serves as the first mate on board and as our marketing guru on land.



Gunnar Guðjónsson is an experienced sailor and a mountain guide. Gunni has decades of experience as a driver and guide in the Icelandic mountains and the Icelandic glaciers. Gunni has a passion for polar expeditions and the far north, the great open spaces, the Midnight Sun, polar bears, Inuits, and ice packs, Gunni has spent many summers in Greenland as a sailor and guide. He is a highly trained individual who shares his unique understanding of the arctic with you,  based on his personal experiences, Gunni is a team player and a great crew member.



Sveinn Aðalsteinsson “Svenni” is an experienced sailor and guide. Born in a farm in the highlands of North Iceland Svenni was exposed to the harsh nature of the Arctic from early on. Svenni has spent many years at sea, he is a qualified first-class carpenter, and he has spent many summers as a guide in the Icelandic highlands and in Greenland.  Svenni is a jack of all trades, always smiling, jovial and adventurous by nature, his interest and concern for the environment led him to become a great addition to the Vera crew



Whilst each chef may have the same basic knowledge and skillset to become a chef, each has a unique skill set that they have developed through their cooking, whether that be through cooking methods, various cuisines through to work ethic. Our chefs  magically serve delicious dishes, from breakfast to dinner.  The Chefs are very experienced,  love the sea, especially around the Arctic and are an integral part of our team.



At Vera Expeditions, your personality matters and of course how good you are at what you do. Sigvaldi is a good example of a competent sailor and exceptional office manager and organizer of any task.  He is known to the Vera team as the one who is clever, on top of it, able to think ahead, intuitive, passionate and someone people respect and enjoy working with because he makes things happen.